EcoMinga Foundation
Rio Anzu Reserve, Mera, Pastaza Province, Ecuador

In the Mera area, we have purchased a portion of the spectacular limestone canyon of the Rio Anzu (1200 m), and will work with neighboring owners to create a joint reserve. A portion of the canyon is shown below. This purchase was made with the help of the individual donors listed below, along with the Orchid Conservation Alliance and the CEIBA foundation, who have particular expertise in working with local landowners to achieve conservation goals. We are also purchasing a slightly higher elevation forest (1500m). Both contain very rare plant species that are found nowhere else in the world.

The canyon of the Rio Anzu is a spectacular place with a unique set of plant species, including a new species of orchid found nowhere else in the world.

The most spectacular of the limestone specialist plants in the Rio Anzu reserve is this ladyslipper orchid, Phragmipedium pearcei, which grows on bare limestone cliffs just above the water's edge. Plants are often submerged when the river is high.





We need you to help us develop reasonable alternatives to the destruction of these areas. In the Mera area and in the Rio Zuñac watershed we urgently need to buy forests while they are still available. Donations for this purpose are needed.

Our partners in the US and UK are World Parks (US) and World Land Trust (UK). Both are registered charities in their respective countries and donations made to them for EcoMinga are tax-deductible. We are also working with the new Orchid Conservation Alliance, who have now reached their goal of raising $10000 for us, and the CEIBA Foundation. Write these foundations directly to make donations, and write me for more information:

See my website,, for biological information about the Upper Pastaza Watershed which we are trying to protect, and please watch this page for news as we get going. Some famous Ecuadorian artists are helping us raise funds by donating half the proceeds of their art to us-- please see  to see their work.

EcoMinga would like to thank the following donors who have each contributed to support EcoMinga's land purchases or to support scientific work related to EcoMinga:
John and the late Ruth Moore
Dr. Malli and Vera Lee Rao
Dr. Steve Beckendorf and Cindy Hill
Dr. Nigel Simpson, O.B.E
Orchid Conservation Alliance (San Diego, CA)
CEIBA Foundation
Henri Botter and Ardy van Ooij
Orchid Growers Guild (Madison, WI)
Marisol Villagomez
Dr. Anne Chao
Bryon K. Rinke